8. Future Work

There is a lot of room for improvement and the platform is designed to be easy to extend. Working on Quizzera will have a large, lasting impact on students (over 1200 students) and courses alike, so it’s a great project to work on!

If you want to get started with the project or spin-up a development server, check out the Getting Started guide. To get access to the repository, contact one of the project maintainers.

  • Question Interfaces. Improve interfaces, especially for graphical questions and questions that accept arrays as input. The current interfaces improve upon that of Blackboard, but there is still a lot of room for bettering them. Graphical interfaces will forever put your name in history as the student who finally vanquished Blackboard’s awful input formats.
  • Design and User Experience. Design and style the website. Currently, functionality was prioritized over aesthetics, and so there is significant work that can be done in improving how the website looks and the overall student experience - a great project if you’re interested in UI/UX!
  • Partial Credit System. Currently, partial credit is difficult to implement and requires direct developer intervention. Grading is a particular pain point because it requires code changes. If you are interested in engineering a modular system that interacts with the internals of Quizzera and has a large impact on professors and students alike (what student doesn’t like increased partial credit?), this project is for you. The primary goal of such a grading system is to maintain the various layers of abstraction built into Quizzera while integrating an elegant solution to facilitate varying partial credit policies.
  • New Question Modules. Create innovative question modules to replace the older Quizgen library. Quizzera is designed to be simple to add new question modules, and so working on these modules is a small and manageable project that will be seen by hundreds of students.
  • Timed Quizzes. Implement timed quizzes (optionally enabled by instructors). For more rigid course requirements, especially when expanding to other departments and courses, instructors may want to enforce a time limit on a given quiz. By implementing this feature, the platform can be used by a wide variety of courses and instructors!