5.6. React.js

If you haven’t heard of it before, React.js is a JavaScript library designed to ease development of dynamic interfaces.

It encourages a certain way of thinking about interfaces - as a representation of data. Changes in data are automatically handled by React, which allows you to focus on showing the data and not figuring out how to propagate changes.

For more information, check out Facebook’s documentation on React.

In Quizzera, we make use of Babel (a ‘transpiler’) and ES6 to use improved JS features and syntax which are not currently supported in all browsers. However, all of the compilation and dependency management is handled for you.

The rest of this guide will you assume you have a working knowledge of JavaScript, React and basic ES6 syntax. If not, there are many resources online to become familiar wih those.

Next, we’ll dive right into our SortingQuestion_v1 example. This time, we’ll go through the React code in the module.